Russia And China Signal The Start Of A Post Globalization Era

By Dr. Sawraj Singh

The current globalization which is lacking a global perspective and is only an economic globalization because it lacks an ethical aspect is in reality a western dominated world order under American hegemony. However, first Russia and now China, with their massive military parades, have sent clear messages that the present globalization, the western domination and American hegemony are over and a new world order, which can be called the post globalization era has started.

Both Russia and China have challenged the western version of history of the Second World War. The commonly accepted view of the war is that the allies mainly the U.S. and the U.K., defeated the Axis countries, Germany, Japan and Italy. This view gives the impression that most of the fighting against Germany and Japan was done by America and England. The Hollywood movies also promote the same impression of the war. All their movies reinforce our concept that it was primarily an American and a British war against the Germans and the Japanese. However, the causality figures  do not support such an impression about the war. In Europe, 27 million Russians and 4.2 million Germans died in the war. In Asia, 14 million Chinese and 2.3 million Japanese died in the war. If we count the total Chinese causalities from 1937 when Japan attacked China then they were close to 35 million. Now, compare these to the American and the British causalities, 400,000 Americans and 388,000 British died in the war. Just by looking at their causalities the fact becomes clear that in Europe the war against the Germany was mainly fought by the Russians and in Asia, the war against Japan was mainly fought by the Chinese.

70 years after the war, both Russia and China have tried to take the credit which they deserve. By holding massive and impressive parades, they are also giving a message that the current globalization, western domination and American hegemony are over and a new era which can be called post globalization age has started.

On Sept. 3 2015, China held a very impressive parade in which 12,000 soldiers, 500 pieces of military equipment and 200 airplanes took part in this parade. 30 world leaders and soldiers from 17 countries of the six continents participated in the parade. If we look at the world leaders who participated in the event then it becomes clear that China has already become a global power. The status of the chief guest could easily be claimed by Putin. The maximum representation among the leaders was from Eurasia, besides Putin, the presidents of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan were also there. Leaders from Cuba, Vietnam, Algeria, South Africa, Venezuela and Eastern Timor were there. South Asia and South East Asia were well represented by leaders of Pakistan, Burma, Thailand, Lao, Cambodia were there. Bon Ki Moon, the Secretary General of the U N and leaders from both South and North Korea were there. It became obvious that Russia and China have the closest relation now. Putin signed 30 new agreements while he was there. This is in addition to the 400 billion dollars (probably the largest ever agreement signed between two countries) which has already been signed regarding oil and natural gas.

There could be two main reasons of China showing this unparalleled military strength. First, to give a strong message to Japan which is the biggest American ally in the region that China is much stronger  now than in 1937 when Japan attacked it. Japan lost the war then, can you imagine what will happen now if there is a war between China and Japan. Second, China wanted to warn the other American allies in the region that China is fully capable of matching the American strength.  Therefore, the American allies should not count on America in protecting them from China. America may be unwilling or unable to risk a confrontation with China in the region. These allies should reconsider their estimates about the American strength and give up their unrealistic expectation from America.

There were many advanced weapons, including the missiles in the parade. The Dong Fong 21-D missile also called “East wind” gave the clearest message of Mao that East wind is stronger than the west wind. This missile has the capability of attacking American air craft carriers in the Pacific Ocean.  The missile DE- 41 can reach any part of America. The missile D F -5 B can travel in a trajectory and reenters the atmosphere at 10 times the speed of sound. The American radars will not be able to detect that. D F – 31 –D can carry the nuclear weapons and has a second strike capability. This means that in case of a nuclear attack not only it can defend but also launch an attack. DF – 26 can attack the American military base in Guam.

It is clear that China is giving a very strong message to America that China is not just the leading economic and manufacturing power but is also a very formidable military power. Therefore, America has to give up the traditional Gun- Boat diplomacy of the west and just count on diplomacy. Another interesting fact about the parade was that the average height of the women soldiers participating in the parade was 5”10”. (This is probably the tallest)   . The Chinese race was not known for their height. The tall women of China now represent the tall status China now enjoys in the world.

Dr. Sawraj Singh, MD F.I.C.S. is the Chairman of the Washington State Network for Human Rights and Chairman of the Central Washington Coalition for Social Justice. He can be reached at sawrajsingh@hotmail.com.

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