AAAAAAAAH! – VIFF’s Asian Horror A Different Kind Of Animal!

By Alan Samuel

Say what you will about The Vancouver International Film Festival. Now in its brand new Year the festival earns great acclaim for many of its programs including exposure to quality Asian movies. Cutting edge at times, this year’s showing of the oddly titled AAAAAAAAH! Just goes to show that here is some kind of movie for everyone.

Definitely a film for acquired tastes this long A denoted movie is distinguished by two ingredients: no real speaking and numerous grotesque and tasteless encounters. Just right for The Pink Flamingoes crowd this odd cinema features a group of actors who truly behave like animals. Grunts are in And civilized behaviour is out as we see the depths people (?) will go to pleasure themselves. Bad habits abound on screen in abundance along with various body part dismemberments and some tasty cannibal treats. Not.

Caveman mentality is evident in this ode to ritual, bonding, primal violence and generally bad taste and very bad behaviour. Not sure what is the audience for this type of film but if trying to gross out and shock people is your thing then this piece of fluff may be right up your alley.

Show times

Friday Oct.  2.  11:00 PM.         Rio

Thursday. October 4   4:30 PM.    Cinematheque

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