Sajjan Endorsed By Local Fire Fighters Union In Vancouver South

Fire Fighters cite Harjit Sajjan’s commitment to Public Safety issues and the Safety of First Responders as key to their support of his candidacy.

SOUTH VANCOUVER –  Local Vancouver fire fighters are backing Harjit Sajjan as their choice to represent the riding of Vancouver South in the next Canadian Parliament.

“Vancouver Fire Fighters’ Local 18 is proud to endorse Harjit Sajjan for election as the MP for Vancouver South,” states Local 18 president, Rob Weeks. “Harjit’s understanding of community service and the sacrifice first responders make in their work lives, comes from experience. As a Vancouver Police officer and a Canadian soldier, Harjit has served our community and country, and is now seeking to continue that service to community as a Member of Parliament.”

Weeks commends Sajjan’s track record as a clear voice for first responders’ issues. Sajjan has already called for the restoration of funding  for Vancouver’s Heavy Urban Search and Rescue Team, cut under the Harper Conservatives. He as also advocated for improved treatment for sufferers of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“I am honoured to receive this endorsement and look forward to the opportunity to be a vocal advocate for public safety as a Member of Parliament,” responds Sajjan. “First responders do difficult but crucial work in our community and I am committed to supporting them in that important work.”

As a show of support, several members of Vancouver Fire Fighters’ Local 18 joined Sajjan at a recent Liberal rally where he hosted Liberal Party leader, Justin Trudeau.

Says Rob Weeks, “Harjit has proven he’s a man of action and will be a valuable representative for the citizens of Vancouver South.

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