Sikh Youth Winners Of Surrey Guru Nanak Elections Say Opponents Unnecessarily Tarnishing Them After Unnecessary Election

Dear Editor:

Amarjeet Singh wrote a letter last week and has mentioned some very biased opinions and attitudes. He does not seem very well informed about the events that took place, during this recent un-necessary election. He has blamed individuals and tried to present Karnail S. Rai as being innocent in all the events and then also accused others of dividing the youth. All of these accusations should be offensive to the entire community.  We are writing this letter on behalf of youth that have been involved with the youth movement since 2006. We would first like to request that Amarjeet Singh forward his tel number so that we can personally meet him and take him for a Starbucks or something to talk to him about his extreme misunderstandings.  The youth feels strongly that lots of effort was made by many well respected people in the community to bring the two slates together.  These well respected people and groups that were trying included many people, such as Baba Mohan Singh, Dharm Singh, Daljit S. Sandhu, Gurmel Singh Sidhu, Lakhvir S. Khangura,  Lukhwant Singh, Panj Singh Sahiban (Amrit Sanchar Panj Singhs), Sukh Sagar committee members,etc etc. and involved many other people as well.    Bikramjit Singh Sandhar was just one of these many people. However, we never saw you, Amarjeet Singh in any of these meetings, trying to bring these two slates together. The youth did not think there should be an election so we wholeheartedly and deeply respect the people who tried so hard to prevent an election between brothers and sisters. Many efforts were made and in every one of these efforts it was always one side that refused. We think it was obvious which side that was. (The side that was so over confident they would win in an election). A “parchi” in front of Maharaj was the best option in these circumstances. Balwant Gill was even brought forward by these people to show that an election was necessary. We found that to be very disgusting behavior for our elders. Even if the Panj respectedSinghs  had not gone to Karnail S. Rai – he should have, on his own, realized this was the only reasonable solution.  However, sending the Panj Singhs away was completely and utterly disrespectful and against the teachings of Sikhism.   We want to especially talk about Bikramjit S. Sandhar. Amarjeet Singh has obviously never had an opportunity to personally get to know or volunteer alongside Bikramjit Singh.  Bikramjit Bhaji and Uncleji for many of us is one of the greatest role models for us.  Many of us were involved in GNSG during the 2009-2012 term and helped plan many of the youth programs and events with Bikramjit Singh and Ranjit Sehmbi, and other committee members and volunteers. Bikramjit Singh was always there and we feel he was very clearly responsible for the excitement and enthusiasm of those 3 years. He has always had an open door policy and a very fresh and sincere outlook and we saw him connect to the elderly and the young, the Canadian born and those born elsewhere. For us he is amazing and we are very very hurt and offended by Amarjeet Singh’s lack of understanding of the heart of the situation and of his criticism’s. Karnail S. Rai never ever attended any of these youth planning meetings. Bikramjit Singh Ji was involved with the Gurmat Center and still is and in many camps throughout the lower mainland and across Canada and US. He is still a very strong member of the Sukh Sagar family, youth and community groups. No one, on  either committee,  has ever volunteered to this extent with the youth, as we think he has.  Therefore, we request that Mr. Amarjeet Singh meet with us to educate himself further on Bikramjit Singh, who we consider to be a very charismatic and compassionate personality that we are lucky to have in the Panth. He always tirelessly dedicates so much of his time in what he believes in and what we believe in. We want to be clear:  Bikramjit Singh always wanted to have no election because he saw that both slates had strengths and weaknesses, and in the end were part of one big Panthic family.  He, along with all those other true Panthic people tried and tried and tried and in the end Karnail S. Rai and his slate got the election they wanted.  Karnail S. Rai, never compromised before the election, he got his election, now his supporters, including you Amarjeet Singh,  are still not happy. You need to ask questions of Karnail S. Rai. Why blame Bikramjit Singh for standing with all the other people that wanted a selection. What a beautiful precedence this would have set for our entire community to show we are able to work together for something that is so dear to our hearts, our Gurdwara(s).  Waiting to hear from you Amarjeet Singh. We have left a contact number with the editor.

Sikh Youth

Surrey, BC

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