45 Years (PG ) *** | Journey Of A Long Marriage

By Alan Samuel

Marriage can grow on you. Or not.  Love me, love me not is out to the test in 45 Years. Something big is about to happen in the lives of two long-term lovers. To find out what all the fuss is about pack up your things and had down to your favourite Cineplex Odeon theatre.

Not all is well in the fairy tale lives of Kate and Geoff. After 45 years of marriage you’d think they have got something special. Leave it to Charlotte Rampling (The Swimmer) and Tom Courteney (Tom Jones) to flesh out their differences in this well-intentioned drama set in modern England.

Director Andrew Haigh succeeds in exploring the inner turmoil a chance event preceding a milestone celebration causes on a married couple. Scores of people presumably can (and do) suffer the same type of relationship  “hiccups” when something amiss seems to appear from out of thin affair. Just like the saying ” Where there’s smoke here’s fire” you can sense the rage building within and fear for the worst.

Together Courtney and Rampling are a force to be reckoned with as the soul  searching and suspicions begin to take their roll on both parties. How it all turns out turns 45 Years into an emotional roller coaster of a movie sure to  appeal to golden oldies.

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