Are You A Good Sikh, A Good Parent, A Good Leader?

By Avtar Singh Dhillon

CORRECTION: Last week due to big error by our layout-design team – this article was wrong attributed to writer Sadhu Binning.

Am I a good Sikh?

Am I a good parent?

Am I a good leader, the one who honestly serves his religion and society or the one who enjoys his political influence?

Do ask yourself these questions; are you satisfied with the answers that came from you?

The first and foremost duty of a Sikh is to accept the orders issued by Sri Akal Takht Sahib. As we all know that it is the duty of every citizen to follow country’s constitution, in the same way it is the duty of the Sikh to admit and live his life in accordance with the rules as stated in the Rehat Mariyaada issued by Sri Akal Takht and Shiromani Gurudwara Parbandak Committee Sri Amritsar Sahib. The one cannot be a good citizen if he or she does not obey laws of any country, then no one can’t be a good Sikh if he or she do not obey the Rehat Mariyaada. All the countries across the world have Labour Laws which are to be abide by all the workers and the working firms, to wear hard hat in the hard hat area is one of them. No one can modify the laws. But, we Sikhs remove the safety net from the hard hat and wear it over the turban. Undoubtedly, it is the violation of the law and in such a case if any mishappening occurs, no allowances or aid will be given to the victim by the WCB. Many people enter hard hat area wearing turban only, which is again a sin. No one has the right to violate rules enforced by the country’s constitution. But we all know that, it is equally mandatory for a Sikh to wear turban as to obey the law. Wearing a turban is also an order from the Panth Guru. So, need of the hour is to demand the permission from the worthy constitution to work while wearing a turban.

A Sikh mother teaches the principles of Sikh religion to her child. A mother teaches the ethics and path shown by the Gurus, so that one day her child would become a good citizen of the country admitting country’s constitution and also following Sikh Rehat Mariyaada. Mother makes her child good human while it is the duty of the father to create a good atmosphere in the society so that a Sikh child can enjoy the liberty to wear a turban. So it’s the lawful duty of parents to demand prestige for their children. When we came to this country to work we did not have any rights but our children being born here have right to enjoy their life as an equivalent native of this country without being discriminated. They should have right to practise their own religion fulfilling their norms.

Many countries across the world like America, England, Europe, etc. have allowed their Sikh citizens to follow their religion and to work wearing a turban. If so many developed nations can impart liberty to their citizens then why can’t Canadian Govt. allow the Sikh citizens to follow their norms? Worthy constitution of all the countries allow any religious society to follow their very own religion. We need to show unity so that we Sikhs can demand this right from the constitution of Canada, not for ourselves but for the better and prosperous lives of our children.

For this, all the people are requested to discuss their view point with the concerned M.L.A., M.P. or Minister, of the area. These ministers should be asked time and again about the progress of our demand. We all have to be the one and have to raise our voice for our children so that they can spend their life respectfully without being a criminal either to constitution or to Panth Guru.

Avtar Singh Dhillon is well known for his activist work on behalf of the Canadian Sikh community on the issue of helmet law. He can be reached at 778-998-7454.

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