Flash Mob Tackles Anti Bullying!

Wednesday was Anti-Bullying and Pink Shirt Day and students from four schools from the Delta School District took part in a flash mob style dance on the grass-field at North Delta Secondary School. The flash mob saw students of different age groups and different cultural backgrounds coming together, through the magic of dance, and showing their support for anti-bullying. The participating schools were North Delta Secondary School, Richardson Elementary School, Sands Secondary School, and Delview Secondary School. The 700 plus students performed a dance routine to a Justin Beiber song (“Children”), as well as to a very popular Bollywood song that is focused on celebrating life (“Shaam Shaandar”).  The dance was choreographed by Rohan D’Silva, principal dance instructor from Shiamak Davar International Canada.  Sean Bindra, who had directed a similar event in February 2014, with the purpose to end Bullying and show support for our community, said it’s all for positive change. “I was bullied during school, so I want to make a positive change and make our community safer. Life is all about spreading love and happiness. There is no greater feeling than being responsible for someone else’s smile. I want to spread this message across our community,” Bindra said.

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