Interfering Mom Tries To Come Clean In Meddlesome Family Drama

By Alan Samuel

Busy bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Smart Sony Pictures Classics firms family matters on their heads in The Meddler. This perfectly named movie is now gearing for laughs at the Fifth Avenue Cinemas.

No one likes losing a loved one. So a change in scenery for Marnie is in order. Woman of all seasons Susan Sarandon (Thelma and Louise ) tries to come clean as quite the interfering mom. Too bad her L.A. based daughter Lori doesn’t exactly share that mommy feeling. Good loving just ain’t In The cards and who better than comic ace Rose Byrne (Neighbors) to deliver the goods.

As if that isn’t enough food for thought Marnie is a senior, single and on the loose in the City of the Angels. We’ll sort of. Judgments come in all shapes and sizes and degrees. So when Marnie meets Zipper there’s no telling what will transpire. Gentlemanly J.K. Simmons (Spider-Man) turns on that oh so subtle gentlemanly charm I this 100 minute drama/comedy that tries to wear it’s hard on its sleeve.

Made for the elder crowd some parents and children will clearly be able to the stereotypical characters reflects in The Middler.

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