Fleming Elementary Students Do Bhangra-Fusion Dance To Raise Funds For New School Playground

VANCOUVER – Sir Sandford Fleming Elementary School, an inner city school located on 49th & Knight in South Vancouver, rallied students, teachers and parents with a Dance-a-thon fundraiser earlier this year with a goal to raise $60,000 for a new playground.

The school is scheduled for a seismic upgrade and will start construction soon. Currently, 500 students share one playground which will be demolished. Additional funds are needed to rebuild a larger and safer new playground for the children to play in.  There are also the growing demands for new technology equipment to stay up to date with educational needs.

Through pledges and an energetic day of dancing the community came together to raise over $11,000. This was a beautiful demonstration of what can happen when everyone from the school community pulls together for a great cause.

Students enthusiastically participated in the daylong introduction to bhangra classes and performed with great energy to motivate the whole school.  A music video was created to showcase the kick-off performance and the dance-a-thon, combining students grade K/1’s with grade 5/6’s at centre stage for an assembly.  The video is currently being featured on “EllenTube.com” Hopes are that the video will catch the eye of daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and hopefully motivate her to help the school to reach its fundraising goal.

Could you please:

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