Your chance for the big screen!

Fancy yourself on the big screen? Well, here’s your chance.

Writer-Director R. Paul Dhillon is in the midst of shooting his latest movie, The Fusion Generation, and he’s looking for people to appear in scenes to be shot on Monday (Aug. 8) at the Ross Street gurdwara museum in Vancouver.

If you are interested, you can either just turn up at the location on Monday between 4 – 5 p.m. or you could call 604-880-3463 or email director@mmmfilms.

The movie, which stars, among others, Canadian film and TV star Sitara Hewitt (Little Mosque on the Prairies) and Bollywood legend Gulshan Grover, is billed as a romantic-comedy which explores the Punjabi community’s rich history in B.C.

Accomplished stage actor Munish Sharma plays Jag Dhaliwal, the male lead. Grover plays pioneer Indo-Canadian lumber mogul Sam Sahota.

The movie also features award-winning actress Balinder Johal (Beeba Boys, Heaven On Earth) along with rising star rapper Thugpun as well as Canadian actors BK Rakhra, Nimet Kanji, Dasundha Kaler, Steve Dillon, Daniela Carmona, Corinna Rennie, Gelsea Mae, Rahul Singh, Nikki Wallins, Dave Dillon, Rashi Grewal, Chris Walters, Raj Toora, Sangeeta Wylie, Robert Leaf, Jagdish Binning and Maritama Carlson.

Stand-up comics Sunee Dhaliwal and Ashley Dhawan also make their feature film debut as does rising young rapper Sid Bhullar.

“It’s about love, partying and the joys of being young, so what better way to spend the summer than reliving it and recreating it,” says Dhillon.

Production on the film is currently underway in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

Dhillon, an award winning journalist-screenwriter-director and producer, has made more than two dozen documentaries and television series for OMNI Television, CTV and CBC.

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