Critical New Research About Gender, Race And Ethnicity In Canadian Workplace To Be Launched

New Initiative Key to Ensuring All Employees Have Opportunities to Succeed, Thrive in Business Leadership!

TORONTO —Catalyst is collaborating with Ascend Canada to launch a longitudinal initiative on gender, race and ethnicity in the Canadian workplace. Catalyst’s Gender, Race and Ethnicity Research Initiative is set to track a large group of survey respondents called the “Research Collective”—including women and men of all racial and ethnic backgrounds—who will share firsthand insights about challenges and opportunities related to achieving inclusion.

Catalyst’s relationship with Ascend Canada reflects the increasing need for organizations to maximize all talent, which is associated with more innovation and productivity within organizations. Through this initiative, Catalyst researchers will harness the power of data to uncover diverse perspectives in the workplace; reset existing thinking around race and ethnicity; and shed light on relevant, actionable strategies to ensure equal opportunity in the Canadian workplace.

“This Research Collective marks a critical milestone toward filling the gap to understand how race, ethnicity and culture create not only unique challenges, but also unique opportunities for women and men at work,” said Deborah Gillis, President and CEO, Catalyst. “Partnering with Ascend Canada allows Catalyst to uncover knowledge on what contributes to or stalls fostering more inclusive workplaces.”

Canada’s visible minority communities—including South Asian, East Asian and Black Canadian men and women throughout the pipeline—are encouraged to join the Research Collective. Catalyst has already conducted foundational research in the United States, inviting nearly 2,000 Asian, Black and Latina/o women and men.

Participants in the Research Collective will also receive occasional invitations to be included in Catalyst surveys. Consequently, all participants will become part of a unique online community focusing on workplace inclusion issues across gender, race and ethnicity and gaining access to tips and proven strategies for success in the workplace.

“Ascend Canada is excited to partner with Catalyst in a shared goal to drive true inclusiveness in the Canadian workplace. Together we will provide insights on how an increasingly diverse workforce powers innovation and measureable success,” said Kelvin Tran, President and Chairman, Ascend Canada. “We hope to inspire leaders and individuals to achieve their full potential, and in turn, foster a more dynamic Canadian workforce.”

Gifts from the General Motors Foundation and PepsiCo Foundation contributed to the launch of Catalyst’s Gender, Race and Ethnicity Research Initiative.

“As a global company, we know that a diverse workforce is a strategic advantage to addressing the challenges that exist in our ever-changing markets around the world,” said Jackie Parker, Director of Global Philanthropy and Corporate Giving, General Motors. “Supporting initiatives like the Research Collective help shed light on the root causes of workplace inequality in effort to drive greater diversity at GM and across the global corporate marketplace.”

“At PepsiCo, people are our greatest asset. We believe in building a workforce that reflects the diverse consumers and communities we serve. Supporting the Research Collective is part of our broader commitment to finding dynamic and innovative solutions that will help increase the impact of diversity in the workplace,” said Deborah Rosado Shaw, senior vice president, Chief Global Diversity & Engagement Officer, PepsiCo, Inc.

Learn more about Catalyst’sGender, Race and Ethnicity Research Initiative.

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