We All Need To Be Vigilant Against KKK And Other Forms Of Racism

By Ken Herar

With all the recent events that have happened with the KKK flyer distribution and the shocking racial altercation video from a parking incident in Abbotsford recently has got people talking on social media and around town. So I asked the question to my Facebook friends. Do you feel racism is on the rise in our communities or are these just isolated incidents? Well, the vast majority of respondents felt these are isolated incidents and these kinds of behavior’s are not welcomed. Yes, respondents were very disturbed and had lots to say and so they should. These kinds of actions are not warranted in our communities and when we take a closer look around you’ll find diversity is what makes our community unique and we have proven time and time again and we are better because of it

Our family unfortunately received a KKK flyer on our driveway a few short weeks ago. As being a pioneer South Asian family from Mission and very proud of it this form of recruitment by this group is not what we need to further our discussion on diversity for future generations.  Many have commented that KKK flyer was unorganized being tossed in the middle of the night and at peoples driveways or by possible by teens. I say think again. Watching a few Youtube video’s it’s a old Klan tradition to throw flyers out at night at peoples driveways for recruitment purposes calling it” Night Ride”. I was correct when I first saw the flyer initially looking like some kind of recruitment drive.  The Klan has had activity in the past in Mission and this action by this group should not be taken lightly. Whether they exist or not, we just don’t know for fact, but the divisive message can have long term effects with people who may be vulnerable and who may gain an interest in other white supremacy groups, who are active in the Lower Mainland.

In regards to the racial video that surfaced from Abbotsford which went viral is something as a collective community we are not proud of. Abbotsford/Mission being one of the most diverse regions in the country is something we can truly brag about. Diversity is a fragile concept and things can change quickly as we can seen and remaining calm and not encouraging further violence does not get our society any further ahead and is essential in this matter.  Good for the person doing the videoing to have the higher ground in this horrifying ordeal. I just can’t imagine what he went through and no one deserves this kind of treatment.

What can be learned through these two incidents is for the most part our communities are united when it comes to diversity and it has brought people together like never before. And for those who want to challenge it  the masses will continue to rise with the assistance of social media that keeps everyone honest.

Gugan Kaur Sidhu from the Fraser Valley Human Dignity Coalition said: “I want to emphasize the importance of reporting these incidences to the police and or the FV Human Dignity Coalition. Having a record of the discriminatory incidences taking place in the Fraser Valley helps secure funding for anti-oppression work and advocate appropriately.”  The Coalition encourages those that were negatively affected by this incident or any other discriminatory incident to contact the Fraser Valley Human Dignity Coalition. 604.859.7681 ext. 270 diversityeducation@abbotsfordcommunityservices.com

Ken “Kulwinder” Herar is a Mission-based writer and a winner of the champions of diversity award for his columns in the LINK newspaper and other Fraser Valley newspapers. Herar can be reached atkenherar@gmail.com or view his blog at http://www.kenherar.blogspot.com

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