Indian Media Needs To Call What The 1984 Massacre Of Sikhs Was – A GENOCIDE!

Thirty-two years ago, the ruling Congress Govt. led by Rajeev Gandhi committed 1984 Sikh Genocide killing thousands of innocent Sikhs. But Indian Govts, Media etc. have failed to admit that it was Genocide. They still continue to call innocent killings as the result of Hindu-Sikh riots. But don’t they know that riots are when two sides are fighting against each other and people from both sides get killed. And Genocide is  when innocent persons belonging to one religion are killed by mobs belonging to other religion with full support of ruling Govt. And that is what happened in 1984 when Congress led Hindu mobs with full support of police killed thousands of innocent Sikhs. And that is why we call it very sad unfortunate 1984 Sikh Genocide when thousands of innocent lives were lost, women raped and properties burnt in capital city Delhi and other parts of India.

All these years the Govts, Congress and Media etc. have denied that ruling Govt. and Congress leaders had supported and led the mobs. But I’ll try to prove that the ruling Govt. and Police played big role in supporting the mobs. Normally the police is supposed to act against mobs by Lathi charging, tear gas and shoot to control them, scare them away to prevent them from attacking persons and burning properties etc. But in 1984 there isn’t a single case where police Lathi charged, tear gassed or fired shots at mobs to save innocent lives. And such actions of police always depends upon the ruling leadership and senior officers. We’ll look at couple of examples that will show the actions of Delhi police in 1984.

1)  There were large number of Sikhs in Delhi police. But the Govt. issued orders to remove Sikh policemen from their jobs and ordered not to go out. Because the Govt. knew that Sikh policemen will certainly act against mobs killings and will make every effort to save lives. Therefore Govt. issued them orders not to go out and stay off their jobs.

2) In localities like Tarlokpuri, Kalyanuri, Janakpuri etc. when Sikh families came to know about the mobs attacking and killing Sikhs. Then Sikhs got together to defend themselves and their families. Whatever swords, Lathis etc. they had to fight against mobs and protect themselves and families. But when the Congress leaders saw that Sikhs were prepared to defend themselves. Those Congress leaders went to the nearest police station and asked the police to disperse and disarm Sikhs. The police force right away showed up and told Sikhs they were violating the law because there were curfew or Sec. 144 orders meaning that they can’t get together in groups. Police took the swords and Lathis etc. away from Sikhs and ordered them to go back into their houses. When Sikhs talked about Hindu mobs attacking the Sikhs. The police officers said don’t worry we’ll take action against mobs and protect you. But when the Sikhs spread and went to their homes then the police went away from there. And afterwards mobs showed up and the worst type of innocent killings, rapes of women, burning  of properties took place in those localities. Can anybody explain how this won’t be called Govt, police supported Genocide ?

3)  Mobs were attacking Sikhs in their homes. There was a Sikh family that fired gun and scared away mob attacking it. Again the Congress leader went to the police. Right away police force led by DCP showed up and arrested that Sikh family for firing the gun. And the DCP got a police medal for his action. But nobody questioned him why he showed up right away to act against Sikh family defending themselves but didn’t act against Hindu mobs killing Sikhs. Delhi police could arrest Sikh family trying to protect themselves from the mobs. But same Delhi police couldn’t arrest the guilty persons killing thousands of innocent Sikhs.

There were many such other cases where police supported mobs, even provided Petrol to burn alive Sikhs and their houses. All this role and support of police clearly proves that ruling Congress Govt. had issued such orders to police to act Dumb, Deaf and Blind to let mobs kill Sikhs or better yet support the mobs in killings.

I don’t know how despite all such facts about role of Congress leaders and police, the Indian Govts, Justice system, Media can’t accept that it was a Genocide totally planned, organized and executed by the ruling Congress Govt. ? And for 32 years the ruling Govts, Justice system etc. have failed to provide Justice to the victim families and punish the guilty Congress leaders and police officers involved in innocent killings.

But the Sikh community will always remember and pay homage to the innocent lives lost. As a gesture of paying homage the Sikh Nation has started a Blood Donation drive to save innocent lives. This Blood donation drive is getting stronger and spreading to many countries where Sikhs donate blood to save lives. It is a way to let bad Govts. know that whereas you kill innocents, but we try to save lives.

Kanwal Jit Singh Gill is a Surrey-based writer and activist.

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