Gulshan Grover Comes To Vancouver With BADMAN!

Bollywood legend Gulshan Grover is in Vancouver this weekend to present his new film BADMAN at the Vancouver International Film Festival (VISAFF), which was shown on Opening Night on Friday. Grover also filmed the Vancouver-set romantic comedy The Fusion Generation, written, produced and directed by award-winning journalist and well known filmmaker R. Paul Dhillon and his company MMM Films/MMM Film Finance International this summer.

Grover joined Dhillon and VISAFF’s Mannu Sandhu at a joint press conference for his film The Fusion Generation, BADMAN’s Canadian premiere and VISAFF. Dhillon’s documentary film MOE SIHOTA:

Feared And Desired is also being shown at VISAFF this coming Sunday, November 27 at 11:30am. If you are political junkie or a fan of Moe Sihota, don’t miss this film on Sunday morning. For more info on the film go to www.mmmfilms.com.

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