BC College Of Veterinarians Denies Tainted Indo-Canadian Veterinarian Dilbag Rana To Run For Council

VANCOUVER – Following the landmark BC Human Rights Tribunal decision that found that the BC College of Veterinarians had acted with extreme prejudice against a group of South Asian veterinarians, including countless abuses and personal vendetta against veterinarians like Dr. Hakam Bhullar, the College has been doing a 180 degree turn under the watchful eye of BC Liberal government appointed watchdog Wallace Taru “Wally” Oppal and going after tainted former veterinarians named in the landmark Human Rights Tribunal ruling.

Recently, the College denied a similarly tainted Indo-Canadian veterinarian Dilbag Rana from running for Council as he was previously forced to resign to conduct unbecoming council member over him filing of a complaint which did have basis or was not supported by doctors listed in his complaint.

Rana has since filed a lawsuit on November 25 suing the College that he should be allowed to run because there is no law governing the denial to run for council but College should be commended for denying a tainted member otherwise the Human Rights ruling would not have any meaning and tainted individuals can again make the life of formerly abused South Asian Vets difficult.

“As noted elsewhere in this decision, I found Dr. Rana not to be a credible witness. I find that his statements to Dr. Joshi reflected his true views in that he supported a high level of English proficiency to reduce competition and to address his concerns about Dr. Bhullar and his associates. Given Dr. Rana’s views, I find it was not appropriate for him to have participated in the Workshop,” wrote BC Human Rights Tribunal judge.

As seen from this quote from the Tribunal decision, Rana has long sided as it benefited him with the tainted members of the College who carried out much the abuse against the South Asian veterinariana who now feel that since peace and civility has returned to the College that members like Rana should not be back in Council.

“I side with the College that Dr. Rana should not be allowed to run on council and despite there not being any laws – he can run but he should have a better sense that he is tainted and he should himself not run instead of wasting College resources by suing the College,” said Dr. Pavitar Bajwa and Dr. Hakam Bhullar in a joint statement.

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