Kellie Leitch Says Values Charter Good For Immigrants!

The federal Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch, who was in BC for the leadership debate in Langley last Friday, took time out to meet with a few Indo-Canadians and others, mostly from the education business community in Surrey. Leitch has been described as Trump light but she feels her Values Charter for immigrants and refugees is not racist but a good test for them before they come to Canada because it will prepare them well. She blamed media like CBC News for twisting her words but said she doesn’t care as she feels her message is resonating with Canadians who feel that certain immigrants (“Bad Muslims”) should be kept out. She is supposedly a front runner in the leadership race so possible Canada could have a “Trump” light but she feels she is the best choice between her and Justin Trudeau, whom she is confident can beat easily. The event was hosted by her supporter Harp Sangha.

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