Are You Walking Right?

We have all have heard that walking is so beneficial to health — we know about how it helps prevent several chronic conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke — but are we walking enough? An international heart association has recommended not less than 150 minutes a week (or 30 minutes a day). How many calories you burn depends on your body weight and how fast you walk. It’s also important to walk the right way. Take brisk strides, keep your shoulders back, swing your arm and don’t tilt your head. As you take steps, let the heels dig into the ground first, then let the pressure move towards the balls of your feet and finally the toes.


1) Brisk Walking: This is the most commonly used style. Beneficial to weight-watchers, it also strengthens the heart and cuts diabetes risk.

2) Power striding: An upgrade to the brisk walk, power striding is taking the natural gait to a faster, brisker pace with exaggerated arm swings. Helps to burn fat, build metabolism and boost energy levels.

3) Stairwell walk: Walking up and downstairs is also a great way to burn calories (175-200 an hour) and tones major muscle groups. Remember, to take rest in-between.

4) Uphill climb: Usually done on holidays and during other recreational activities. It works to strengthen the calves, thighs and hamstring.

5) Treadmill walking: Part of the cardio gym activity, this works for just anyone. Use the pace as you’re your comfort level. Also one of the most relaxed styles of walking as you need not worry about obstacles in your path.

6) Pool walking: Can also be done by the seashore. It takes the stress and pressure off the joints as water provides support. It’s apt for patients with arthritis, back pain and osteoporosis.

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