Elections BC Refers BC Liberals “Illegal Donations” Investigation To RCMP

VICTORIA – Elections BC has referred its investigation into indirect political contributions or “illegal donations” to Christy Clark and her BC Liberal party and other potential contraventions of the Election Act to the RCMP.

This investigation has been referred to ensure that it will in no way impede Elections BC’s administration of the provincial general election scheduled for May 9. This referral will also ensure that there is no perception that Elections BC’s ability to administer the general election in a fair, neutral and impartial manner is in any way compromised. The potential scope and timing of this matter make the RCMP the most appropriate agency to continue this investigation.

Elections BC said it may support the RCMP as this investigation progresses. They also added that they will not be providing further public comment on this matter while the investigation is ongoing.

John Horgan, Leader of the B.C. New Democrats said Clark has no interest in banning big money from politics.

“Even when facing an RCMP investigation, Christy Clark is more interested in protecting herself and her rich friends than in taking real action on the issues British Columbians care about.

“After years of watching Christy Clark fight to maintain the influence of big money, British Columbians have no reason to believe her claims that she might finally do the right thing after the election.

“Make no mistake: Christy Clark knows that the real issue is big money’s influence on government, and she could put a stop to it today. Instead of doing the right thing for British Columbians, she has sided with the corporations who paid her secret second salary.

“We could get big money out of our politics today. All that’s missing is a yes from Christy Clark.”

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