STRESS RELIEVING BUTTONS: 4 Acupressure Points On Your Neck And Shoulder To Relieve Stress

If you know the right acupressure points, you can cure a number of health problems on your own. From balancing thyroid gland to managing stress and anxiety, these points also help in regulating blood circulation and treating hormonal imbalances. Here we will show you four important points on our neck and shoulder that will help in relieving stress and tension.

Point 1

This lower point is just above the shoulder blade and the higher point is more muscular, usually where the stress and tension is stored. Bring your left hand over to the right shoulder and feel for the tension in this area. Hook your fingers by curving them so that the weight of your arm can relax forward and you can hook into the muscular part of this point. While you do that, take long and deep breaths and eventually release the point. Hold both, lower as well as the upper points using your finger tips and massage.

Point 2

Switch sides and use your right hand on your left shoulder, feel the tension and check for the harder point, whether the lower shoulder point or the higher one. If you feel both the points tighter than use all of your finger tips and massage gently.

Point 3

Pressing these points can help balance the thyroid gland along with relieving neck tension. Bring your right hand over to the right side. Rub and feel the ropey muscle that runs parallel to your spine. Curve your fingers and hook onto the point. Take deep breath. Now take both your hands. Your right hand will hold your right side of your neck and left hand, left side of the neck. Curve your fingers and hook the weight of your arms into the points fingers curved.

Point 4

These points are located in the hollows underneath the base of your neck. These are also referred as the ‘Gates of Consciousness’. With the base of your thumbs, hold them and take long deep breaths. Apply the pressure forward, slightly inward, and upward. These are the most important points that can treat headaches and migraines along with releasing stress.

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