Righteous In Black And White!

By Alan Samuel

Matters of conscience can be overbearing. Throw into the mix affairs of the heart and things can become downright confusing. Meet some decent people in most unusual circumstances in Frantz. This black and white scores well in acting, originality and subject matter. Perfect for connoisseurs if fine history and cinema enjoy this bittersweet melodrama at the Rio Theatre .

No one wins in war. While the world watches as Syria crumbles perhaps lessons of humanity can be learned in the aftermath of World War 1. Let’s go back to Germany and see what develops when a stranger tries to reconnect with something/someone special. Man on a mission is the sad looking Adrien. Actually Pierre Niney fits right in with the depressed community only his problem lies in his nationality.

Seeds of hatred remain InThe community. Once the reasons for this mystery man’s visit to the small close nit community are revealed we bear witness to an unbelievable story related to war, love and conscience. It’s never easy to make amends or open up but as Alain enters the life of Anna and her extended professional family we see the pain loss can bring and the hope new friendships and maybe even live can generate. Cast as Anna in a wonderful performance of a conflicted woman suffering from an unbearable loss is Paula Beer. How this pair deal win their emotions, deep-seeded prejudices and nationalism is wonderfully depicted here.

Respectful to a fault the atmosphere in Frantz perfectly captures small town life in Germany and the impact a man bearing quite the cross has in all he meets as well as others. Shot in French with English subtitles Frantz is a compelling perfectly acted drama with compelling characters and a totally original story that is well trout out and expertly crafted. For something fresh  and unique Frantz hits the mark!


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