Let’s Take A Look At Why Slots Are So Popular!

Recent years in Canada have seen an immense surge of people spending their free time at online casinos. Not only are they practical and convenient for those with hectic jobs and families responsibilities, but they make a convenient change from traditional bricks and mortar land casinos as you can play wherever you are and whenever you like. But why are so many hundreds of Canadians flocking to online slot games?

When it comes to classic casino house games, slot machines take prime position, always managing to pull in a crowd. Now with the shift to online casinos, slots have seen no decline in popularity. In fact quite the contrary, slots are now more creative and technologically orientated than ever before and they are straightforward and good fun to play and with super high prize jackpots. With so many online casinos springing up right left and centre and competing online slots, where do you start? First of all why not have a look at the ever popular all slots casino which will give you a low down of the best slots around. Secondly, read on to find out what we think are the key ingredients for a fantastic slots game.

Classic slot games

These are a simple replica of the physical slot machines you would see you your typical, Canadian land casino. They are often also known as reel slots, as the circular reel bears all of the symbols. Usually fruit, but online one can find many variations including music, chartoon characters, television, and film themes. Typically classic slots come in three reels, and are somewhat less sophisticated than the more gaming minded five reeled video slots. A positive point to consider is three reeled slots fequently pay out more than the more complex slots, albeit slightly lower prize totals.

Progessive slot games

Progressive slot games take a small percentage of the money when you spin and pool it together to form one large amounting jack pot. Progressive slot games are usually linked with many other online casinos, the total prize jack pot keeps growing and growing until someone somewhere playing the slot wins the huge prize. As you play you can watch the prize pot grow. Most progressive slot games have a few rules, such as a minimum spend or playing all of the available pay lines until you can be eligible to win the big bucks. Ensure you read the rules of the progressive slot game before playing.

Video Slots

With so many online casinos now wagering a tough war of competition to pull in fans, a well designed video slot can tick all of the boxes, especially for those into gaming. Some of the worlds top online video slots are made by some of the biggest gaming names in the industry. The majority of video slots bear 5 wheels, unlike their classic slot counterparts, but this number can vary anywhere from one line to well over a hundred pay lines!

Themed Slots

In an effort to bring slots kicking and screaming into the 21st century and make them accessible to a whole new audience, all of the top operators and providers have worked tirelessly to create games based on your favourite movie, television, and videogame franchises.

Wherever you go to play slots online, make sure you find a reputable casino, read plenty of reviews on the slot games, check for the frequency of payouts and whether there is a minimum deposit. Most of all remember it is supposed to be good fun!

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