NDP Dominates Surrey Ridings Taking Six Seats

BIG LOSERS IN SURREY: BC Liberal Ministers Peter Fassbender And Amrik Virk!

BIG WINNERS IN SURREY: NDP’s Jagrup Brar And Garry Begg As Well As Jinny Sims Who Defeated Her Arch Rival Sukh Dhaliwal Backed Candidate Puneet Sandhar!

SURREY – The NDP dominated in Surrey and stole three seats from the BC Liberals, winning six seats in total in the area, something the party has never done before.

Jagrup Brar upset former minister Peter Fassbender in Surrey-Fleetwood, reclaiming his old seat that he lost by a mere 200 votes in the last election.

Another big winner was Gary Begg in Surrey-Guildford, who defeated Amrik Virk, another former minister.

Former NDP MP Jinny Sims defeated her arch rival Liberal MP Sukh Dhaliwal backed BC Liberal candidate Puneet Sandhar!

the Liberals’ Puneet Sandhar in Surrey-Panorama

Brar attributed his victory to the NDP’s promise to eliminate tolls on local bridges, focus on daycare and build new hospitals and schools.

“That very powerful [NDP] agenda was key,” he said.

The B.C. Liberals’ Virk, who served as minister of advanced education, could not hold onto the riding of Surrey-Guilford, which used to be part of the old Surrey-Tynehead riding.

It was broken up when Surrey gained a ninth electoral district for this election. The NDP’s Begg won with slightly more than 49 per cent of the vote.

He’s a former RCMP inspector, who ran for the federal NDP in Fleetwood-Port Kells last election.

“There was a deep desire for change,” said Begg who added that the amount of time leader John Horgan spent in the riding helped him win.

Other NDP winners included Harry Bains, who won his fourth term in Surrey-Newton for the NDP. Bruce Ralston was been re-elected in Surrey-Whalley for his fourth term. Newcomer Rachna Singh, the wife of controversial Punjabi  radio man Gurpreet Singh, was elected in Surrey Green-Timbers to hold onto the seat which Sue Hammell had for the party for 22 years.

In a neighbouring riding in North Delta, Ravi Kahlon, a former national field hockey player who played for Canada in the 2000 and 2008 Summer Olympics, defeated Liberal incumbent Scott Hamilton.


*Justice minister Suzanne Anton lost Vancouver-Fraserview seat to the NDP’s George Chow. The arrogant Anton built up so much hate from the South Asian community that many from the taxi, labour, small business and others worked hard to defeat her.

*Naomi Yamamoto, Minister of State for Emergency Preparedness, lost North Vancouver-Lonsdale, to NDP Bowinn Ma.


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