Newton Graffiti Artist Brings Area Past, Present And Future Alive

SURREY – Newton area graffiti artist Danny Fernandez has spent nearly 100 hours working on a mural in Surrey’s Newton neighbourhood with the intention of bringing alive the troubled area’s past, present and future.

Fernandez’s 21 metre long and 3.5 metre high mural shows Newton’s past, present and future. Its past is illustrated by the railroad, followed by the Wave pool. Its present is represented by four Indo-Canadian men celebrating Vaisakhi. Its future is depicted with light rapid transit and new development.

“The idea is to fight fire with fire,” said the artist, reported CBC News.

In 2014, Surrey’s Newtown area took over Whalley’s reputation for crime, when there was a large spike in property crime.

To help restore its good reputation, the Newton Business Improvement Association hired Fernandez to beautify a few of its alleyways.

“When there is a dark cloud over your community, no one wants to be out at night,” said Phillip Aguirre, executive director of the Newton BIA.

“It’s a place where people don’t feel safe. So, if you can entice them into the core, into the town centre, you can take care of the crime issues as well,” said Aguirre.

Borrowing a page from the broken window theory, Aguirre said this is just one of a thousand little projects that will help rebuild the community.

“There is no silver bullet that is going to solve Newton’s problems,” he said. ​

“But if you collect all the garbage, if you remove graffiti, if you beautify it with flowers, murals and art, people are going to want to be in that community,” he said.

The BIA partnered up with the property owner and received a grant from the City of Surrey to cover the $10,000 cost of the mural.


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