RCMP Civilian Awards!

On Wednesday, May 10th the Surrey RCMP held its annual Officer in Charge Awards where it recognized the valuable contributions of its employees, police officers, community partners, and residents for their outstanding service and dedication to public safety.  Over 200 awards were presented to officers, support staff, community and policing partners, and civilians for their efforts. Some of these incidents included:

  • Residents who intervened during a violent attack on a female by providing medical assistance and containing the suspect until police arrived;
  • A high angle bridge rescue of a distraught person by a police officer;
  • An expanded traffic team that took over 200 impaired drivers off our streets;
  • A municipal employee using his years of experience to outsmart a bike thief;
  • A senior drug expert officer who ensured all RCMP officers would be equipped with life-saving Naloxone spray which has already helped save over fifty lives this year.

“When it comes to our common goal of keeping our city safe, the Officer in Charge Awards showcases the unbreakable spirit of caring and commitment by our RCMP officers and citizens,” says Mayor Linda Hepner. “All too often these acts of bravery go unnoticed, that’s why it is important that we recognize the men and women who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in keeping our communities safe.”


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