RCMP Investigation Of “Illegal” BC Liberal Donations continues

VANCOUVER — While Christy Clark and her BC Liberals cling on to power, the RCMP investigation into “illegal” donations to the BC Liberals continues.

But the special prosecutor investigating questionable donations made to the BC Liberal Party won’t be releasing his findings anytime soon.

David Butcher told News 1130 he’s waiting for the RCMP to report back to him and they’re still gathering evidence.

He says he can’t determine if criminal charges are warranted until he receives a final report.

The prominent Vancouver lawyer was appointed to help investigate lobbyists accused of violating the Elections Act.

It’s been reported some were re-imbursed by clients after using personal credit cards to make donations.

Butcher was previously named special prosecutor for the so-called ‘quick wins’ scandal involving ethnic communities targeted before the 2013 election.

Starting October 16th, former Liberal party insider Brian Bonney will be prosecuted on a Breach of Trust charge.

That trial’s slated to last more than three months.

Butcher is also defending former RCMP Inspector Tim Shields who’s now on trial for sexual assault.

That case is expected to last at least two more weeks.

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