Bad Hospital Experience!

Young Indo-Canadian woman Svee Bains, who was undergoing ┬átendon transfers and elbow lengthening, was asked to go home because it was too expensive for St. Paul’s Hospital to keep her. This was after spending night after surgery in recovery due to room shortage. “I had tendon surgery and after surgery I and two other patients were moved to the hub, large open room with bays. At 2 am, a team came into the adjoining room for heart transplant so it was loud and chaotic. In the morning, I was moved to surgical floor, where a male roommate carried on 24 hours,” Bains told the LINK. Nurses took pity on her and found a room on Orthopaedic floor. After a week the occupational therapist and social worker told Bains she was healthy enough for discharge and that it was too expensive to keep her in the room. “I was really upset as my surgeon hadn’t seen me and I still had a cast on. The Hospital was admitting drug users but it didn’t have room for legitimate patients,” she said, adding that once they was noticed she was able to walk, they independently stopped my physio.

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