SECRETS AND LIES: The Pretenders!

By: Paarull JS Bakshi

I walked into a place that looked so glittery and great

I saw all the fancy cars with men who looked from mars

The wives were dressed in fur and looked as if they could Purr

The crowd was nice and fancy as I took a little glancy

They looked like they were best of friends

or were they just making great amends?

I watched as they got awarded for which they got applauded

They must all be great I thought and felt a little distorted

I felt these were special people with capabilities out of this world

I felt so unaccomplished that my stomach began to hurl

I feared to be normal and didn’t accept it as my fate

I thought all I had done so far was just so out of date

I walked again and again into this glittery place which was just so great

As I met all the fancy faces, I started to produce some ‘hate’

Were they all just an imagination or were they all for real?

Were they something special and were they the real deal?

As I kept getting closer, my opinions began to change

They were ordinary people who were stuck in some sort of game

Their lives were full of lies and their stories were all fake

Their clothes were off the racks and their hand bags weren’t Italian make

What a lie I believed, I feel so deceived

Now I know better to not trust the information I receive

Now that I’ve seen it all, I feel that I’m blessed!

Because all the fancy people are actually really stressed

With all the fancy people and then their fancy cars

Comes all their credit bills with all their penny jars

I came to their world but I feel mine is just fine

My life belongs to no one and it is just mine

I say goodluck to the fancies and I wish them all well

I also want to thank them for giving me stories to tell

I will remember these people with all the dreamy stories

For all their words meant not much but that’s just their glory

Paarull is a Marketing and Public Relations Professional, to contact her please email at paarullb@gmail.com

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