LINK Editor R. Paul Dhillon’s Feature Film The Fusion Generation Nears Completion!

LINK editor R. Paul Dhillon’s feature film The Fusion Generation wrapped production a year ago this week and he is happy to report that the film is on its last lap before being fully finished.

“We hope to have the final colour corrected and sound mixed version ready very soon. It’s been a long, arduous but fruitful journey as the film has shaped up really well and I’m extremely happy with all the production and post production work the MMM Films team has put in the film, especially our DOP/Editor/Music Composer Kristopher Gee – The Man for all Seasons,” Dhillon said.

Dhillon also thanked everyone from the crew and “the absolutely wonderful cast including all of our stars Gulshan Grover, Sitara Hewitt, Balinder Johal, Munish Sharma, AJ Sidhu (Thugpun ), Nimet Kanji, Dasaundha Kaler, B K Singh Rakhra, Corinna Rennie, Gelsea Mae, Steve Dhillon, Rashi Grewal, Sid Bhullar, Daniela Carmona, Charles Raahul Singh, Sunee Dhaliwal, Ashley Ash Dhawan, Nikki Wallin, Chris Walters and Raj Kumar Toora.”

He said everyone put in great work and did a magnificent job in a film that will surely be highly anticipated and will entertain the heck out of the audiences.

“And finally I want to thank myself for having the balls if not the budget to make this film a reality and it was one of my dream projects about BC-Canadian Sikh pioneers’ history in this great province wrapped around a raunchy and funny, touching romantic comedy about Desi relationships and strong women. We have quite a few of them in the film,” Dhillon said.

The film will be commercially released in 2018 and Dhillon’s company MMM Films hopes to have a trailer for the film out in the fall or earlier. Stay tuned for a fun cultural ride!

Those who are interested in Sponsoring the film can contact Paul Dhillon at 604-880-3463 or at the LINK office at 604-591-5160. Sponsors can also email at director@mmmfilms.com and have a sponsorship package emailed to them

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