250 Years of Heer Featuring Madan Gopal Singh And Chaar Yaar

Last year marked the 250th anniversary since the creation of Waris Shah’s epic “Heer”. A timeless story of tragic love, and a metaphor for humanity’s quest for union with the Divine.

Although, some celebrations and remembrances have taken place in India, possibly Pakistan and perhaps even other parts of the world, the organizers are celebrating  this anniversary here in Vancouver.

It’s an important moment to recognize the poetry that has influenced so much of the subsequent creative and spiritual expression of Punjab. We have an opportunity to experience the picture of Punjabi life that is painted through Waris Shah’s poetry.  It’s also an opportunity for us to reflect on the living traditions of our own Punjabi culture, in Diaspora.

Come celebrate an evening of performances woven together, on the canvas of Punjab, interpreting themes of Heer

Event Details:    Featuring Madan Gopal Singh and Chaar Yaar :

The eclectic program will begin with an academic discussion between Dr. Anne Murphy                                                                          and Madan Gopal Singh, exploring the cultural and spiritual significance of Heer on                                                                               Punjabi expression.

Reception :         Enjoy a customized menu by Tasty Indian Bistro, live art from local talent Don’t Doze,                                     and spoken word poetry.

When :                 October 7th, 2017

6:30pm to 10:00 pm – Doors open at 6:00 pm

Where:                 Centre Stage, Surrey City Hall (13450 104 Avenue Surrey)

For more info contact Paarull JS Bakshi at 604-318-4913


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