Thank You Zile Singh For A Great Article On Satguru Kabir

Dear Editor:

My thanks and appreciation to Ambassador (Ret’d) Zile Singh for writing his article on Satguru Kabir Sahib Ji and the Indian constitution and to The Link for publishing it. In a world that is being fragmented and facing violence, Ambassador Singh’s article highlights how by reflecting on the attributes of Great Personalities such as Satguru Kabir Ji, we can collectively live in peace with ourselves as well as a society.

Canada is a democratic nation that respects diversity- and not only in people but also in diversity of opinions. These values such as understanding, mutual respect, and compassion are always vulnerable and need intentional efforts at keeping these values in our hearts and in minds. The article of Ambassador Singh is a great example of how we can reinforce and sustain these values to preserve pillars of our democracy as a nation.


Jai Birdi

General Secretary

Chetna Association of Canada

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