The Usual Suspects Emerge From The “Nut-Bar” To Demonize Jagmeet Singh With Terrorism “Bullsh..

By R. Paul Dhillon

The usual suspects have emerged from the looney-bin to slaughter NDP’s new leader with terrorism bullsh.. when the Singh has no connection to it and has denounced all killing of innocents no matter if they are Sikhs, Hindus, Muslim or others.

But boneheads like Taran Fatah, CBC hack Terry Milewski and Ujjal “The Turncoat” Dosanjh – all relics from the Dinosaur age, and other right wing nuts – are intent on trying to throw mud at Singh even after his historic win last Sunday as NDP leader, a first for turbaned Sikh Canadian for any major political party.

What these Agenda-based Haters are doing is just gutter journalism, well it’s not even journalism. Jagmeet Singh has said unequivocally that he denounces all acts of terrorism and terrorists. He has no sympathy for terrorists Sikhs or others.

But idiots like Tarek Fatah and others have an agenda against Singh and so does Congress hack and pseudo intellectual Shashi Tharoor, who recently shared Fatah’s tweet. Where was Tharoor when his party slaughtered thousands of innocent Sikhs in Delhi.

Tharoor is just protecting his Congress ass after mass murder of Sikhs in Delhi by his Congress party and government. People should decide who is the bigger terrorist, Congress and Rajiv Gandhi or Talwinder Parmar, all never convicted in a court of law.

This terrorist talk is absolute nonsense, one’s terrorist is another’s revolutionary. Bhagat Singh is revolutionary and a martyr for India but was hanged for terrorism by the British – what is he?

Don’t drag Jagmeet Singh with this nonsense terrorism talk, governments kill more innocent people then terrorists-revolutionaries do in the name of war or ethnic cleansing. Bottom line is terrorism has No Real Meaning in today’s world where US helps slaughter millions in Iraq, way more than the evil Saddam regime ever did.

It is just a term to try to denigrate groups and individuals who have absolutely nothing to do with mass murder at all and try to smear politicians with a back bone like Jagmeet Singh.

But there is a nefarious agenda at work by these racist haters in media and on social media.

Where is Terry Milewski on calling British PM Winston Churchill a racist or the denouncing the Canadian Government as murderers to what they did to the Aboriginals And immigrants like the Chinese, Japanese and Indians.

This forced denouncing bullsh.. without context is just plain nonsense.

But Canadians must denounce such character assassinations by those who are carrying out this nefarious agenda.

Jagmeet is a way above such Nonsense!


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