Despite Criticisms Of Mahatma Gandh His Philosophy Still Matters Today

By Ashok Bhargava

For some it has become fashionable to degrade and belittle Mahatma Gandhi and to allege that most of the problems and social injustices in independent India are because of what he preached and did or failed to do.  They shamelessly ridicule and lampoon him. But we can’t ignore him. His message is still relevant today, no matter what the detractors say.

Let us not forget that just like us, he was a human being with his whims and weaknesses but through his passion, conviction and courage he was able to rise above others, persevere and prevail. As a boy he very shy and timid who was afraid of snakes, ghosts and multiplication tables but went on to become a moral force to lead millions of unarmed masses to freedom from British colonial power.

Every year on October 2nd the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi is celebrated by The Thakore Foundation in collaboration with Simon Fraser University to pay tribute to his accomplishments and to highlight his ideals of non-violence, equality and human dignity.


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