200th Birth Anniversary Of The Founder Of Bahai Faith Celebrated

 By Acharya S.PDwivedi

 The Bahai community of Surrey organized the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Baha u ullah, the Founder of the Bahai faith on 21st October at Coyote Creek Golf club in Surrey. Connie Waterman, an energetic and devoted interfaith leader of Bahai community of Surrey coordinated the event successfully. The religious  and spiritual leaders of several belief systems joined the celebration along with people of various cultures and countries.

The program commenced with the welcoming address and blessings by the native- Daughters of the Drum. They recited the peace prayer in five languages-English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Hindi. Excerpts from three different Tablets revealed by Baha u ullah Himself were recited. The prayer in Persian was beautifully chanted to end the devotional program.

Talks and audio-visual presentation were given by Shahrokh Monjazeb and Nabet Fani on the historical perspective of His life. The evening concluded with a joyous slide presentation of people engaged in many activities to build community in Surrey and a social over light refreshments.

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