Spiritual Leaders Gather For Salish Sea Bio-Regional Open Circle Dialogue

 By Acharya S. P. Dwivedi

The spiritual leaders of several organizations of North America participated in the Salish Sea Bioregional Gathering on 20th October to 22nd October at Epiphany Chapel, UBC Campus in Vancouver. The United Religious Initiative, a world interfaith organization, financially supported the event.

The native group-Daughters of the Drum, headed by Aline la Flamme, blessed the occasion with spiritual prayers and some people joined in her recitations. The vibration  created by drum beatings added to the spiritual atmosphere. The Inter Spiritual Centre of Vancouver  organized this conference and Louise Mangan, President of ISC and her team put a lot of efforts to make it a successful one.

The participants were engaged in  an “Open Circle Dialogue”  in which they discussed about various global issues. On the 2oth, the Rama Delarosa and Sisters of Mercy choirs recited the devotional songs and  at the end of evening program dinner was served to all.

Dr Edward W Bastian started the program on 21st morning at 9.30AM with Opening Circle Dialogue with Inter-spiritual Practice. The Rama and Sisters of Mercy sang the devotional-spiritual songs. Rex Wyler emphasized on  respect for spiritual places and one family principle-human beings, animals and insects etc are all  part of one family, All living beings have the consciousness and we have to tap it for attaining peace and  prosperity of all.

Chief Phil Lane Jr spoke on issues of  climate change, environment pollution, poverty and discrimination.. He said that every problem cannot be solved but they can be controlled and reduced. Being spiritual   to me , he said, is to take less share of food, water, shelter and air.; and to translate this into practice we have educate people.

Sari Heidenreich and her colleague of United Religious Initiative gave the summary of  URI.

Martin talked about population change. She said that there is enough data but we have to put it into action.  Participants were engaged in group important discussion on renewable energy, conservation of water, sustainable food, bio diversity and habitat conservation. Conference concluded with reflection on the Gathering in which all expressed high about  their experiences.

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