A Bad Mom’s Christmas (PG) **

Bad Moms Bring Their Own Bad Moms Along For More Christmas Laughs Cash

By Alan Samuel

Chinese money can’t help rescue the misfiring A Bad Mom’s Christmas. Unlike the original funny Bad Mom’s movie this Entertainment One release fails to deliver the laughs. Bad timing and an infective script don’t help this movie that is now showing at Cineplex theatres around B.C..

Much of the original cast returns for this holiday offering. Anchoring the story again is Mila Kunis. Along with two other young moms with even younger children, naturally, the trio fall on hard times when their parents decide to come home for the holidays. Ultimate chaos ensues. Not given much to do of any relevance even actors of the calibre of Susan Sarandon gets wasted, quite literally as one example of a hard-drinking mom to her even more estranged wild and crazy daughter.

Motherhood is at the heart of this movie. Insertion of lots of very crude language masking as humour further hurts the appeal of this movie while a funny male performer is a bit of a short-lived guilty pleasure in what turns out to be an utterly forgetful 100 odd minutes.


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