Punjabi Music Star Balvir Boparai Releases Saanwleya!

Surrey-based popular Punjabi singer and celebrated lyricist Balvir Boparai of De De Ghera fame has just released a new audio track called Saanwleya through Amar Audio and presented by well known local artist-singer-actor Raj Toora of Toora Home Plans. Boparai is a very good friend of LINK editor-filmmaker R. Paul Dhillon, whom he thanked in the poster of his new song along with Jagga Toosey-Wala, aka Jagdev Singh Dhaliwal of Dhaliwal Banquet Hall and Dhoom restaurant. Boparai is now back in Punjab and preparing to do the music video of the track that is available for downloads. Boparai is also available for live shows – weddings, birthday-anniversary celebrations – in Punjab where he spends the winter, also known as the wedding season in India. Balvir Boparai can be contacted in Punjab  @ 88729118 or email balvirboaparai@yahoo.com

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