Remembering Prophet Muhammad Who Showed Muslims And The World The Righteous Path

By Hanif A. Patel

According to Muslim calendar 12th Rabi’ual Awwal ( Friday. Dec. 01 ) is an important date in the Islamic history. The date on which Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH ) was born in Mecca who was the founder and promulgator of one of the world oldest religions.

When Islamophobia has created racism and hate in the world, it is imperative to reflect upon the Prophet’s life. He showed us the correct way how to remain merciful towards entire mankind with the fulfillment of Almighty’s commandment.

There was ignorance and uncivilized culture prevailing in Arab peninsula at the time of birth Muhammad     (PBUH ).

To save humanity and to lead to people from darkness to light, Prophet enlightened their hearts by the knowledge of Islamic values and principles.  Preached and practiced the message of equality and justice.  No one is superior or inferior regardless of cast, creed and culture but who does more good deeds his status is high in the presence of Almighty.

In all his trials and tribulations, he never  deviated from principle but acted as a human being. He was such a great personality  who was always ready to offer  paramount quality of care, compassion, tolerance, humbleness and kindness for humanity. In this way, he succeeded in gaining triumph over opponent heart.

Through words and action his personality reflect only the truth.

Dealing with trust or debt, he was most honest. Due to pristine honesty and profound credibility in his character, he earned the  reputation as a trustworthy ( Amanatdar ) among everyone.  His nobility and transparency had became means of attraction for many to changed their hearts.

His advent on earth was merciful. His humanity and kindness approach  was admirable.  Regarding this  many parables narrated in the holy Qur’an  for guidance, he was conscientious with regard to perform his equality as a merciful man.

A woman used to throw garbage and create hurdles in the path on which Prophet proceeded everyday for dawn prayer. She was committing nasty act on regular basis but suddenly after few days she stopped creating obstacle. After an inquired by Prophet, they learnt that she was sick. So he visited her place with his companion to dedicate prayer for her recovery. The lady felt embarrassed and ashamed. How merciful he was. Instead of taking revenge he forgave that woman and bestowed grace.

Muhammad ( PBUH ) was the soul of kindness and his influence was felt and never forgotten by those around him.

If everyone strictly follow his noble guidelines  in modern world than, all human problem would be solved nicely. There would be no need to have security council, military force or criminal justice court. Everyone can live in peace and harmony without any threat to the world.

Prophet’s departure from this world and birth date both fall on similar date. The appropriate way to remember the beloved Prophet is for Muslims to intensify their effort to put Prophet life to practice in to their own life in order to get success in both worlds.

Through his virtues, he lives in the hearts of millions followers and he will live for immemorial.

Hanif A. Patel is a Surrey-based writer.

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