Rena Virk’s Killer Kelly Ellard Granted Day Parole 20 Years After The Brutal Murder

VANCOUVER -Indo-Canadian teen Reena Virk’s killer Kelly Ellard, who is serving a life sentence for the brutal 1997 murder, has been granted day parole for six months.

The convicted killer must first complete a residential substance abuse treatment program, a two-member panel decided Thursday, reported CTV News.

The 35-year-old has a history of substance abuse issues. The latest known incident came in June 2015.

Her parole period will begin as soon as she enters the program. Ellard will also have to undergo psychological counselling as part of her release.

After six months, the parole board will review its decision.

Virk was 14 years old when she was brutally beaten by a group of teens near Craigflower Bridge over the Gorge waterway in Saanich, B.C. During trial, a court heard that Ellard and a teenage boy then followed Virk across the bridge, smashed her head into a tree and held her under water until she drowned.

Ellard was 15 at the time of the death. She was convicted of second degree-murder in 2005 after three trials, and has served a total of about 15 years in prison.

Warren Glowatski received the same conviction. He was granted full parole in 2010.

Ellard first applied for day parole in 2016, but was denied. At the time, the parole board said she would have to admit responsibility in order to be considered for release.

In February, she was granted temporary escorted absences to attend parenting programs and doctor’s appointments when she became pregnant following conjugal visits with her boyfriend, who has also served prison time.

The child now lives with Ellard at a women’s prison in Abbotsford.

In the months since its previous decision, Ellard has become more transparent about her role in Virk’s death, the parole board said.

Courtesy CTV News

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