Canadian Actress Shiva Negar Talks Ethnic Actors And Empowering Roles At WFF

By Don Fiorvento

Shiva Negar was among the Canadian stars to watch at the Whistler International Film Festival.

Her latest film “Becoming Burlesque” screened before a full theatre on Saturday night.

The role sees Negar playing a young woman from a conservative Muslim family who finds escape and fulfillment in a burlesque dancing community.

Negar said that she found the role empowering and could relate to the character because growing up she had a hard time fitting in. She described herself as a weirdo who could not relate to the other girls.

Negar added that as a young woman growing up in a Middle Eastern family she was expected to become a lawyer, doctor or engineer and her career choice of acting was something her family initially had difficulty with. Moreover, in those periods when she was unable to book work, her parents were concerned that she was not looking for a “regular job.”

Negar’s career has taken a major step forward this year with her role in the big budget thriller “American Assassin.”

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