Three Billboards Outside Billings Missouri (PG) ****

Sweet Vengeance Of A Woman Wronged By Society!

By Alan Samuel

Fall ushers falling leaves Рand uplifting movies. Quality on all counts best characterizes Three Billboards Outside Billings, Missouri.  Get set to see one of the best dramas of the year courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures. Worth seeking out this gem is now raising eyebrows at various  Cineplex Theatres around B.C.

Sure to be heard loud and clear at this year’s Oscars sound performances abound in this high stakes drama. Fargo darling Frances McDormand again turns in a magnetic performance as Mildred, a tough talking lady on a person crusade. News of a heinous crime committed against a loved one sees Mildred go on the warpath. To get at the truth the new born vigilante puts up a series of billboards targeting the authorities.

Number one poster child for the lack of progress on the case is the local police led by Woody Harrelson. As the head of this hick police department let’s just say the authorities are not exactly shining lights as trailblazers to solve crimes. One of the hotheads in the precinct is played in an unforgettable fashion by Sam Rockwell.

Audiences will be enthralled as this woman engages in the ultimate quest for justice. Full of emotion with dynamic performances and all sorts of social issues racing to the finish line Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri is fresh, enlightening and ingeniously acted with truly memorable performances.


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