THE KISS RULE: Keep Life Simple If You Wish To Experience It’s Beauty And Complexity

KISS RULE – Keep It Simple Stupid!

By Zile Singh


 “ Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”  –  Confucius

Before I start, let me tell that Confucius was a great Chinese philosopher and political thinker between 551 BC to 479 BC.  He didn’t  mean that the term  ‘simple’ be taken as an inactive and aimless; but as a fully aware, mindful and productive life at every moment.

Our aim during the year 2018 should  be to stay happy,  healthy and simple. We have to live a life of “A-shok”.  In Hindi  ‘A-shok’ means ‘ without  sorrow and pain’. The mantra  to live without pain and sorrow is to live ‘simply and mindfully’  with an open mind to listen and learn from wherever possible.  Life  is a denomination of time: moment to moment in the form of hours, days, months, years and decades.  In rare cases, it can last even up to  a   century or more.

People who are nearing 100 years  are entitled to our recognition and admiration!  There is a lot to learn from them in terms of their longevity.  Life, in itself, is full of delight, devotion  and development.  There are examples of people who led simple and active life and left indelible marks of their success for the generations to come.

Most of  the people are in a positive, upright  and jovial mood.   In addition to any other   New Year Resolution,  an awareness and mindfulness of one’s own self and the society around  are equally essential.   The beauty and the mystery of the time  are that  “ it has been on constant move,  never to step back, nor to wait for anyone, come what may.”  Like the year 2017, the year 2018 also will fall asleep in the  lap of infinity on December 31, 2018.   The  life  also is a natural vehicle moving slowly towards its final goal; – one day,  resting forever into the lap of the  ultimate, never to step back.

We should live in simple, steady and purposeful  way without agitating on insignificant matters. It is not necessary that records can be set only with a  rat race, restlessness and breathlessness.   Slow and steady can also win the race. For success, it is consistency, which counts.   During the New Year, nobody wants to make  mistakes.   But,  making  mistakes is also a part  of life.  That is why , ‘ to err is human and to forgive is divine’.   Mistakes may happen only when you  are trying to make new things,  learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself and the society around.  You are doing things you have done never before and more importantly, you are at least doing something.  In a sense, you are improving every day as a student.

In today’s world, the standards are being raised every day.  A standard or record set some years back or let us say in 2017 might be mediocre today.  One needs to keep growing.  For a smooth and simple life, it is necessary to be careful of these three dangerous words : “ I Know That.”  When it becomes your habit, you close your mind to

the new  techniques and perspectives of  life.  One should keep in mind that one person cannot be smarter than everybody.  Even if you know already, what is the harm in listening to others?  Maybe, the information you get by listening to others, is new and more suitable for the occasion.  If you don’t, you are cutting yourself off the other people.   We all know that man is a social animal.  Live life with your eyes wide open and pay attention to worthwhile advice.    Stay simple, even if you have to face some criticism and obstructions from outside.  Such things of course can belittle your ‘ego’ but not your inner-self, which is always simple and loving.

We have a monkey-mind as the companion on  our journey of life. If not under control,  naturally, this monkey causes us lot of problems like restlessness, distractions, endless chaos of thoughts and   impulses  taking  a great toll on our energy.  To understand the monkey-mind,  an inner calm is required,  irrespective of outside situations and conditions.  This   is called freedom and simplicity.      As a strong wind cannot shake a mountain,  the seeming discomfort and loss in life should not shake our  inner calm, composure and  courage.

Some easy ways to stay simple are:  Do not criticize others for their small mistakes.  Because whenever you criticize anybody it may be that the other person has had less favourable conditions in life than yourself or you may be criticizing him out of fear or jealousy.   Be kind to all.   Kindness is a source of energy which empowers you mentally and physically.   Through it,  the world of multiplicity dissolves  and the boundaries of separateness falls away.  Be aware and mindful of whatever is happening around  you.  In a moment of discomfort and pain stay with it as a ‘witness’ . Remember the famous saying,  “This too will pass”.  Nothing is permanent.

Finally  : Be slow but steady.  Do suitable physical exercise daily.  Stay like a child and relax.  Have friendship  with others as well as with self.   Meditate and stay connected with Nature.  When the outer Nature and your inner nature merge – then the health and happiness come rushing.  With health and happiness one cannot stay inactive and aimless.  One’s potential increases 100-fold.

May we be simple, happy and   healthy in the year ahead!

Zile Singh is a former Ambassador(Retd.) of India and a Vipassana Meditator. He can be reached at zsnirwal@yahoo.ca .









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