FALSE RUMOUR: PICS is Not Selling Land For Diversity Village, Says Former CEO Charan Gill

SURREY – There are rumours circling around that PICS plans to sell the land at 175/64 Ave, which is allocated for it’s ambitious Diversity Village project.

“This is a false rumour . I believe this rumour is untrue. The board, staff and membership are committed to carry on its work, said PICS founder and former CEO Dr. Charan Gill.

“I have left PICS due to personal reasons. After 30 years working for PICS I had to find different meaning of life. It has been a great adjustment. Now my meaning in life is to look after my wife and my health.

“It has been a great pleasure to work for our community. I had envisioned a few things to accomplish. Which I did to my satisfaction. Now I would like to have full retirement and enjoy my life. I never had luxury of joy of not working. I am finding a new meaning of being retired, unemployed and overworked.

“However, I will continue to be interested in PICS well being as clearly it’s my baby. Being a founding president I continued to work relentlessly for thirty years. During this time several people came and gone. Only a few committed souls remain. I will continue to work behind the scenes to ensure that Diversity Village will become a reality soon. Pi’s has and will continue to meet the needs of community.”

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