Former Khalsa Diwan Society President Kashmir Dhaliwal Calls Indian Officials Ban Ridiculous

VANCOUVER – Kashmir Singh Dhaliwal, former president of Gurdwara Khalsa Diwan Society, 8000 Ross Street Vancouver, has said that a statement issued by the leaders of the Gurdwara Sahibs of a special category that the Indian consulate officials have been stopped from coming to Gurdwara, is so ridiculous.

People who announce the ban on worshiping bow before Sri Guru Granth Sahib, actually seem to be unaware of Sikh doctrines and Sikh philosophy. Dhaliwal said that it was not at all reasonable to stop a devotee from coming to the Gurdwara to expel his political Vendetta by the leaders of the private deras run as a gurdwara.

It must be clarified that there was no personal ban of Indian officials from any of the Gurdwaras but just a political ban so that they could not be used for nefarious Indian government political propaganda as the Khalsa Diwan Society in Vancouver has been accused of being the place where the committee is allowing the Gurdwara to be used for Indian political purposes.

But Dhaliwal said that from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi to the present Prime Minister Narendra Modi, expressed their devotion to the Khalsa Diwan Society. Indian consulate officials arrive at Gurdwara and provide life certificates and other services to Indian pensioners. No officer can speak from the stage of Gurdwara without permission being given by the organizers.

He said that from the stages of several Gurdwaras, which is being promoted to promote terrorism and separatism.

“It’s their political agenda but it is good for all to refrain from confronting religious beliefs. An explanation issued by leaders of that type of Gurdwaras has said that any person can come to the Gurdwara and can eat langar but cannot do politics from the stage. These religious traders must be reluctant to tell who does politics from the stage of Gurdwara,” Dhaliwal said.


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