The Greatest Showman (G) ***

Circus Showman Gets Larger Than Life Screen Tribute!

By Alan Samuel

Larger than life.  Hugh Jackman takes  to the big top to turn in a bravado performance in The Greatest Showman. Direct  from 20th Century Fox this rousing musical scores high on the entertainment scale. Check out this fresh film at Cineplex Cinemas throughout B.C.

Full of pomp and obvious ceremony our tale focuses on how P.T. Barnum rose from obscurity to take the world by storm. From an early childhood you learn the motivation for one man to take chances In a quest for love, acceptance and success.

Family and love prove to be the driving forces and the thread that motivates Barnum. As a youth you see the way others looked down on him and his poor family. Those working class roots continue to shape Barnum  as even efforts to marry prove to be an uphill battle. Michelle Williams delivers a loving portrait as Hugh Jackman’s on screen wife . Together the pair face  and thwart a lack of acceptance.

Ever the dreamer Barnum comes up with an idea to take those less fortunate, the grotesque and oddities, give them jobs and ultimately form a circus. Elements of community help mould this motley group into a New York sensation  though there still remains a degree of resistance to their lower class.

Elevating songs and fun dance numbers plus great voices help make The Greatest Showman  a fun trip to the movies and a good time, any time.



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