Pakoras And Chai With Andrew Wilkinson!

New BC Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson came to Surrey for his first meet and greet with the South Asian meet. That he came to see us after being elected is already a fresh change from the arrogant Christy Clark who never did that during her short tumultuous reign as Premier and paid a price with losing majority of Surrey seats which eventually led to the NDP seizing power with a minority government. As far as what he had to say, Wilkinson, a former Gordon Campbell guy who is also former party president, had the same old, same old political spin with the dire warning that NDP budget is going to tax us to death. But he didn’t want to talk about the ICBC boondoggle by his party and under his watch as a former Minister. These are usually Pakoras and Tea affair with the South Asian ethnic media and that’s what it was with Wilkinson constantly telling Punjabi and South Asian media members to “please eat the pakoras – you will ask better questions.” Lol!

****By R. Paul Dhillon

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