Legalizing Marijuana Is Just A failure Of The System

An Open letter to Parliament of Canada.

It is never too late to act when the freedom of a nation is at risk.

Are we losing something, if marijuana is not legalized? It starts from a dare and ends in regret or a death. Just because a small majority who wants to try a small amount just for fun and to look cool, we decided to legalize marijuana. What about the vast majority of people who don’t want this legalized? As once said, by Abraham Lincoln, “Government of the People, by the People, for the People, shall not perish from this earth.”But this has changed in just over a century for the Canadians which now reads as “Government of the MP’s, by the MP’s, for the MP’s” and hence they legalized the Marijuana. Government is the father of the system and it should lead to protect its population into the healthy life style, not encouraging by giving option to buy marijuana just like they buy condiments in the stores.

Records show that marijuana has been effecting people both physically and mentally. Marijuana was a hallucinogen drug 2000 years ago used for treating nausea, labor pain and rheumatism, and now it is used as an addictive drug. Its strength has been increased from 1% to 20%. The highest level is 32%. Marijuana contains more than 400 known chemicals compared to alcohol which consists of ethanol only. (http://www.drugfreeworld.org/drugfacts/marijuana/it-s-background.html). No one can control the strength of marijuana in a hand of adolescence and as once suggested by James Madison, “Whenever there is an interest and power to do wrong, wrong will generally be done.” You can’t kill a nation but by making their youth addicted you can enslave them forever.

Our Government should never boast about Marijuana legalization because legalizing Marijuana is not an achievement, but a failure of Federal, Provincial, Municipal and police agencies. The system failed to control few petty criminals involved in this trade on our street so they came up with a fool proof plan to legalize it? A record breaking 1422 people in BC died from drug overuse in 2017 according to BC coroner’s service. About 993 people died from drug overdoses in 2016, increase of 41 %. Does government guarantees that legalizing marijuana will reduce these death tolls?

How can anyone assure that legalization will stop gang violence? And if not, what next? Anyone who is addicted will try to beg, borrow or steal to feed the hunger of drugs. The lenders to these addicts are usually on the other side of the law. You can’t sue somebody for drug debt. The next step is through strong arm tactics, and violence tends to follow. That’s what is happening in gang wars on our streets. Look at the statistics of lower mainland BC for this year only. See how much young blood has spilled for these drugs in just 3 months. Governments want to take away the proceeds of POT trade from the crime world, means they are after the money, but least concerned with eradication of crime from our society. On one side they are funding programs to stop these gangs and on the other hand they want to disperse themselves what these gangs are selling. Ottawa has already earmarked $274 Million for promoting legalized Marijuana.

If government is so sure about the benefits of Marijuana, why don’t we recognize the new Canadian flag by replacing maple leaf with Marijuana Leaf, which will be future life line of Canadians? All Canadians should be requested to buy and consume legal marijuana (well thought over product by our parliamentarians) as much as they can afford, to generate revenue for a fund called Omar Khadr Protection Fund to help future terrorists become millionaire. Moreover this will also generate enough revenue to bring alleged member of ISIS, Jihadi Jack to Canada who is both a Canadian and British National. Canadian diplomats are trying their best to bring him to Canada. We may also need lots of money to have him settled here and live in peace.

Are we paying our diplomats for this purpose? If there is nothing wrong with this, then why are we scared to declare Jaspal Singh Atwal as our model citizen? He has already fulfilled his obligations with the law of land. We feel ok to be associated with Omar Khadr and Jihadi Jack but do not want to be associated with Mr. Atwal. What an irony. Is that means the message- A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian, does not stand true now? We need to answer this.

Please do not go after revenue generation. Money is of no use when our Nation’s health is at risk. Hard fact is marijuana use can lead to impotency. In future we may not have born Canadians. Hence it is against the human race and human rights of future Canadian generations. We all patriotic Canadians would be failing in our national duty if we did not speak up even now against the mess created by the system.

Another big question in waiting is that after the legalization of Marijuana, the cost of health care will become unaffordable within few years due to long term health effects of marijuana. And this may give the system an excuse to make our world renowned health care system private. Right now we are becoming homeless because of unaffordable home prices and in future we will remain untreated because of unaffordable private health care. Then we will be at par with third world countries. Is not it true? Who will blame whom then?

We don’t want to be a nation where all types of drugs are available and affordable but won’t be able to afford a home, post secondary education for our kids, prescription drugs and dental care. We propose to have a nationwide referendum about this slow poison and have a report to determine impact of revenue generation vs. long term health affects and crime on our streets. Let the Government of the people, by the people, for the people allow the people to decide.

Please do not ignore this. Think once, twice and may be thrice. Canadian lives depend on it.

“The love of money is a root of all sorts of injurious things, and by reaching out for this love some have … stabbed themselves all over with many pains.”-1 Timothy 6:10

Rajinder Sharma,

Resident of Surrey, BC

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