A Trip To Bollywood Film City

A trip to the famous Bollywood Film City is an Eye opener. First the Politics – the fee is Rupees 599 for Indians but Rupees 3200 for foreigners including foreign citizen Indians.

What a rip off by the Indian Government who runs this shabby, rundown Shantytown of what at many places looks like a Dump! So it’s even more dramatic how you see Film City in so many big budget Bollywood films with those sets decked up to the tee to look like Hill Stations, temples, studio sets and outdoor sets for action and song sequences.

But given the money Bollywood producers spend to erect big sets like mega producer Karan Johar has done for a sequence depicting Lahore for an upcoming Ranbir Kapoor film, you would think that the Authorities in charge of running Film City would spend money to make it look at least half decent but no just like the rest of India – it’s got a rundown exterior even though some interiors may be like palaces. Mumbai, like India, is a place of sharp contrasts and here in the world of Make Believe of Film City – that contrast is most visible!

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