Will Mobile Technology Eventually Dominate Gaming?


If you discussed gaming with people a few years ago the majority of them would tell you that they either played on console, PC or handheld. While some did play on mobile, they quality of gaming just wasn’t really that great. However, that has all changed, especially over the last few years with technology advancing rapidly. Now the lines between gaming on console and mobile are starting to become increasingly blurred, and this has led to more gamers playing on their smartphones.

We have seen mobile phones developed specifically for gaming in the past, but they didn’t really have the power or ability to deliver a quality gaming experience. With the latest flagship devices from industry heavyweights such as Samsung and Apple we’re seeing extremely powerful phones with stunning displays being released that have features to enhance the gaming experience even further.

The general public love gaming on their phone’s and tablets due to the convenience factor first of all. If someone is able to just pick their smartphone out of their pocket on their daily commute, lunch break at work or even while they’re sat at home in front of the TV; it is more appealing than having to fire up a games console or a desktop PC for example. Now if you combine that with a great gaming experience, you can see why mobile gaming is dominating right now. This has certainly been the case when it comes to enjoying casino and slot games; with brands like PartyCasino seeing a huge increase of players using their mobile devices more and more.

What’s also become apparent is the fact that mobile technology is constantly improving too. This is what has led it to close the gap on console gaming for example and with things constantly evolving it will only lead to further domination in the games market. One piece of technology that has already proven to be huge is augmented reality as seen when it made its global breakthrough with the hugely successful Pokémon Go.

The latest flagship devices to hit the market such as the iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S9 are all geared towards utilising augmented reality as best as possible; and if players are getting a chance to experience the latest technology they’re more likely to play on that specific platform which allows them to do this.

Another huge trend in the gaming industry lately has been battle royale games. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG, and Fortnite have literally taken the gaming world by storm on console and PC. Due to the advancements made with mobile technology they have both recently become available for mobile players too. If the biggest titles are available on mobile it decreases the need for anyone to play on console or PC as much, especially when it’s so convenient to game on mobile.

So, we’ve looked at various components of mobile gaming and one key factor that will come into play over the next few years is 5G. Near enough everyone has access to Wi-Fi at home, but when they’re out and about they’ll more than likely be relying on 4G; and while it is quick, 5G will blow everything out of the water. It will be another huge boost to mobile gaming and it could make it even more popular than it already is now.

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