NDP In Good Stead With The Electorate At One Year Anniversary, Says Poll

Poll finds BC NDP’s housing and tax policies popular, fewer support party’s pipeline stance.

VANCOUVER – Premier John Horgan’s NDP government is in good stead at their first anniversary of being in power even though it appears BC remains deeply divided on pipelines.

A new poll finds 42 per cent of those asked feel the province is on the wrong track, although Premier John Horgan enjoys a 47 per cent approval rating — higher than his BC Liberal and Green counterparts.

But what would happen if a vote happened today?

“We see that the Liberals would potentially take 36 per cent of the vote,” says Shachi Kurl with Angus Reid Institute. “The NDP would take about 41 per cent of the vote. What does that tell us? It says that actually neither party has particularly grown its base or been able to steal support from the either side.”

“Particularly on the pipeline file, we see now public opinion is starting to move away from the direction that the NDP government is moving in, in terms of opposing the expansion and completion of the Kinder Morgan project,” says Kurl.

“More British Columbians are starting to express concern, anxiety, and a lack of satisfaction with the Horgan government’s decision to continue to try to delay and deny the completion of this pipeline project,” she adds.


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