The Seagull (PG) ** Checkov Doesn’t Translate Well In This Adaptation Of Lost In Love!


By Alan Samuel

I’m all out of love. Remember those popular lyrics from a long ago hit? Sony Pictures Classics takes us further back in  Time, 1896 to be precise , to reward (?) us with the film version of Checkov’s Classic The Seagull. Come one come all and revel (or despair) as some upper classic Russians gather at a palatial countryside estate. Curiosity seekers can wander down to the Fifth Avenue Cinemas or some other British Columbia Cineplex sites to see how the better half live.

Shakespeare could just has well written this bitter sweet comical affair as those gathered at this secluded home lead an idyllic life. Head honcho of the clan has got to be mother/sister Irina. This diva is a noted actress of the Russian stage and Annette Benning spits blood as a ruthless diva whose own love life figures prominently in this decadent dalliance state of affairs.

You see Irina’s own son, Konstantin has the hots for neighbouring hottie Nina. Together Billy Howle and Saoirse Ronan show sparks as the natural couple you think would click. Temporarily they do until other household guests intrude in their friendship.

Indeed you need a scorecard to keep track of the lustful goings in among this theatrical clan. Maybe there is too much going on as things get a bit muddled. Perhaps best suited for lovers of the theatre despite illusions of grandeur The Seagull turns out to be a rather bumpy flight,

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